The Eternal Bond I Share with my Brother

It goes without saying that how badly I love my family; my mom, brother, & sister are my universe and whatever I have achieved so far is because of them. I simply love my family and never thought it could be so difficult to express my love in words. So, I took this challenging task of writing a post on the beautiful relation I share with my little brother who is 15 years younger to me.  And before I start describing why my brother rocks, I want to thank for coming up with the amazing contest - #MySiblingRocks on the occasion of Rakshabandhan.

As I mentioned earlier, my brother Chitraksh is 15 years younger to me. When he was born, like any other teenager, I wasn’t really comfortable with him. It wasn’t easy to see my parents giving all the attention and love to the tiny boy who came into our lives just a few months ago. But, as time passed by, I developed a strong emotional bond with my brother. In fact, today I can say that he is my life and I can go to any extreme to see that one smile on his face. He is now a 10-year smart, intelligent boy and in all these years we have shared some of the most beautiful moments.

The Proud feeling when everyone says he is my carbon copy

Not sure if it is the case with all siblings or just me but whenever some relative or neighbour or even sometimes strangers say that he looks exactly like me, I can’t stop smiling. And along with looks, his habits and likes are very similar to mine. During all such instances, I feel so proud and just end up saying, “See! He is my brother.”

How he makes me smile when I feel blue

A true relationship is the one where emotions are expressed & understood without the use of words. Gladly, I share a similar relation with my brother, who despite being so young understands everything without even saying. I love it when he cheers me up by pampering when I come home after a long day at work. I love it when he wipes my tears whenever he sees me crying. I truly feel blessed to have him in my life.

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This post was written for #MySilblingRocks contest. However, this post has all real-life incidents which are very close to my heart.


  1. Yukti, it is one of the most beautiful posts written for #MySiblingRocks activity. :)

    1. Baronial FeminiteAugust 6, 2015 at 6:23 PM

      Thank you so much for the appreciation, Neha :)

  2. Really very heart touching post. Thanks for sharing it. Rakhi is the festival of love so send online Rakhi gifts and make this festival more interesting.