Looks Can Be Deceiving!

Often, looks are deceiving and people are not that innocent as they appear. The title of the post sounds like a guy deceived me and now I am left alone with a broken heart.  Well, I am sad upset but the reason is not a guy. It is all because of the earrings I recently bought from Fashion and You.

For the past one year, I have been shopping at online stores like crazy and this habit of impulsive shopping usually leaves me in such distressing situations. I shop and shop and then curse myself for spending so thoughtlessly.

Recently, this happened when I bought a pair of earrings. On the website it looked pretty small in size and I ordered for the same thinking I can wear it in daily. But, as soon as I received the parcel all my plans were shattered. The earrings were incalculably big and I don’t know what to do with them. (Well, my sis advised me to use it for decorating a vase.) From here, you can imagine why I am this much saddened.

Now, I think I should accept this incident in a positive spirit and not place orders for stuff randomly. Just a piece of advice, buy accessories from stores only if you are sure about the size. Or limit yourself to stores where accessories on sale are worn by some models. At least, it will give a rough idea about how the particular accessory would look on you.

Has anything like this happened to you ever? Any suggestions for shopping accessories online?