Do we Really Realize How Harmful Junk Food is?

Bad things always attract us more than good ones and the same rule applies to the junk food. Despite knowing the fact that junk food has no nutritional value, we keep on consuming it in large quantity. Overcrowded food joints vouch for our immense love for junk food of almost every kind and an increase in the number of these joints would only intensify our love. But, excess of everything is bad and excessive consumption of such food items deteriorates health to great extent. Along with this, many health ailments such as diabetes, heart problems, and obesity are caused due to wrong eating habits and it is essential to adopt ways which help in maintaining distance from junk food.

Why Junk Food is Called Junk?
Finding answers to some obvious questions is annoying but it might help you in resisting junk food to some extent. Well, we can very easily find an analogy between junk food and junk items present in our home. Firstly, both of them are of no value but still we keep them with us due to emotions attached with them. I would say curb these emotions and face the truth. Secondly, both of them occupy space and then cause inconvenience to the person (junk items in your home and junk food in your stomach). Thirdly, if the junk deposits in large quantity you would have to spend  money to get it removed (a scrap dealer in case of junk items and doctor for junk food). So, the next time you go out to have junk food just remember this analogy(I know it's pretty stupid).

Cook Food in Unconventional Manner

Healthy food does not necessarily means boring. There are many ways using which healthy food items can be cooked in an interesting manner. So, go ahead and put together all your creativity while preparing food. These days, many people have become conscious about their eating habits and you can get many books with healthy and yummy recipes. Try them out!

Stop Stocking Junk Food In Your Home

The more junk food you stock in your home, the more you would eat it. So, stop keeping soft drinks in your refrigerator and it might help in reducing its intake.

PS: I just visited a Dietitian to shed some weight. Giving up junk food and switching to a healthy diet requires loads of motivation. And writing such posts would keep me motivated (I guess so).


  1. oh yea!!
    after a whyl, wen u c urself in2 d mirror..n dat junk is stickin out of d corners f ur belly..n u hv dat good'ol "straight wtf face"..!!..:-/
    dats d epiphany moment if u ask me..!!

  2. n i really second d idea f not hoarding junk around you because that willl help you not 2 succumb to your temptations..!!
    Great post people..!!