Ritzbox Launching in India Real Soon!

Wouldn’t you be astonished if every month a box full of latest beauty products is delivered at your doorstep? This is definitely not one of my fantasies and it’s soon gonna become true with Ritzbox. Yes! You read it right. RITZBOX is coming to India very soon.


Unable to figure out what I am talking about, read below to find out what RITZBOX actually is.

Women across the world involve in impulsive buying when it comes to cosmetics. But many a times the products do not suit their skin type and all the money goes waste. RITZBOX puts this problem to an end by bringing four to five beauty products from high-end brands in sample size to your doorstep. You pay a nominal subscription fees and the box full of beauty products is all yours. With this box you can try out all new makeup products launched in the market at the comforts of your home by spending a little amount of money. Sounds great no? :)

Girls, it’s not over yet. RITZBOX has something more to offer. If you particularly like some beauty product sent in the box, you can buy it in full size from the official website of Ritzbox itself at discounted prices.

Before RITZBOX begins delivering beauty boxes to your homes, they are running a giveaway for a free 3-month Membership. (Imagine, you would be getting latest beauty products for three continuous months at your home free of cost.)

To participate in the giveaway, you need to visit -  www.facebook.com/ritzboxindia

I have entered into the giveaway! Try your luck too. All the Best :)

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