Innovative Maternity Wear by Morph Maternity

Giving birth to a child is the most joyful moment in a woman’s life. Feeling the first kick, hearing the first heartbeat, watching hand movement for the first time and experiencing a new life stirring inside is divine. The nine months of pregnancy are definitely difficult to pass but thinking about your baby would help in forgetting pain and discomfort caused during the pregnancy period. Apart from physical pain, there is one more thought which constantly makes women worry. And that is increasing size of their belly. As women grow fat during pregnancy, they cannot wear their usual clothes and most of them stick to ill-fitted clothes. Well, wearing such clothes makes women look dull and many of them even avoid going out as they don’t have proper clothes. To help pregnant women deal with this problem, Yashram Lifestyle has launched Morph Maternity.

About Morph Maternity 

MORPH is a Stylish and Affordable brand of Maternity Clothes. Morph maternity accompanies you through the beautiful journey of Motherhood. A range of trendy maternity shirts, maternity pants, maternity jeans, maternity dresses, nursing clothes and more, ensures that your style quotient remains high.

Along with helping pregnant ladies staying stylish, the brand endeavors to offer them utmost comfort too. Each product manufactured at the store complies to the international standards and no compromise is made with the quality at any step. They have a team of designers, pattern makers, engineers and quality checkers and all of them co-ordinate with each other to present their customers with finished products.

Products Offered by Morph Maternity

The needs of women during the pregnant phase multiply many times and the team at Morph Maternity tries to fulfill them to the extent possible. The range of products offered by this store is quite extensive and you can check it out by visiting

Some of the products offered by Morph Maternity are as follows:
  • For Moms - Truly, this store is one stop shop for all would be mothers. From stylish clothes to essential intimates, everything can be shopped at this online store. You can also get access to buy some of the best pregnancy books and videos through this store.
  • For Kids - The parent company has an exclusive brand for kids wear but you can find them at as well. Kids clothes, accessories for nursing, diapering, baby gear and many more can be easily purchased at the comfort of your home.

Morph Maternity - Innovators in Area of Maternity Wear

Finding clothes for pregnant women is not easy but finding clothes with a pinch of innovation is definitely not. The team at Morph Maternity is always coming up with innovative ideas to make comfortable yet stylish clothes for the pregnancy phase.

Here goes a list of innovative creations by this brand.

Kameez Dupatta - A button on the Kameez and a loop on the dupatta ease you of the trouble of holding the dupatta with your hand all the time.

Morph Choli - The Morph choli is made of a special stretchable fabric that fits you snug through your pregnancy and later too. It is specially designed and does not have dangerous hooks and this makes it safe for you to nurse your baby as well.

Maternity Salwar - Morph Maternity Salwar reduces itchiness because of soft fabric at belly. It has a combination of drawstring and elastic ensures a snug fit. The Morph Maternity Salwar is PATENT PENDING.

Leak Proof Layer - Nursing garments have a special layer of leak proof and breathable fabric at the bust which saves you from getting embarrassed due to breast milk leaks. This concept is PATENT PENDING.

There are many more products in this list and you can have a look at them at their website.

Morph Maternity Offers Online Shopping
During pregnancy, it is generally difficult for women to roam around in malls for long to buy clothes. So, if you want to save yourself from the Herculean task of roaming in malls, switch to online shopping.

You can buy all these wonderful maternity products online at The store offers the facility of Cash on Delivery as well and thus you can pay money after receiving your order.

PS: The store offers free shipping in India on orders above Rs 500.

For more queries on shipping or payment you can visit or drop a mail at

Pay a visit to the store and make your pregnancy phase even more wonderful :)


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