Want to Outshine Everyone Else Around? We Tell You How!

“I don’t like becoming the center of attraction” - People who say this are either lying or suffering from a serious psychological problem. Even the most shy person who sits alone in one corner of the party room longs for attention. In fact, we all put in our best efforts to compete with the herd of people around and look different and better (maybe best is the right word). But, not all our efforts work well and we are again lost somewhere in the crowd.

Well, we are not giving a magic wand that would turn all the eyes in the party towards you but yes here are a few things you can count on to stand out in a room full of people.
  1. Make Sure You Look Classy & not Kooky.
Your dressing style can definitely turn the heads around but don’t forget to check whether they are laughing or admiring. While making efforts to look cool, many a times people end up looking a fool. So, before you step out of your home check your outfit twice. It should be just elegant, stylish and comfortable to carry.

     2. Wear a Bright Smile.
Everyone in the party has come to relax and your low-spirited attitude would push them away. So, if you really wish to enjoy the party by getting maximum attention keep smiling. On entering the room, greet the host and other guests warmly. Surely, everyone likes to be with jolly people.

    3. Show Them your Sense of Humour.
People cracking irritating jokes are always a no no. But, a good sense of humour magnetizes people towards you. So, if you can really crack some witty jokes that would force people to laugh hard, don’t think twice and go ahead. And, if you doubt your efficiency as a humorist do not lose your heart. You can start a conversation on any of the current topics with people around.

   4. Become a Doer & Not a Follower.
Out of 100 people in a party, 99 falls in the category of followers. But, if you really want to stand apart in a group you have to be the one in the category of doers. You can do anything from jumping on the dance floor first or starting some game.

   5. Let Everyone Know you are Leaving.
If you follow all the above mentioned things it would not be difficult to become the most wanted guy/girl in the party. Even if this has not happened, make sure everybody knows that you are leaving the party. Bid adieu to everyone in the party and don’t forget that wide smile.

And, if there is anything else that I missed mentioning over here, do leave a comment and let me know. I would love to win all the attention (but only positive) ;)

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