Memories to be Cherished for Lifetime

On a hot summer afternoon, the sun was shining bright. The falling sun rays illuminated the sea waves and the waves in turn showed their ecstasy by rising and falling rapidly. A newlywed couple was sitting on the beach holding each other really tight. They were completely lost in each other and ignorant to the noise made by a gang of girls playing volley ball next to them. Amongst all the happy faces, there was a girl who was quiet, sad and all alone. Gazing at the sea waves, she wiped her tears rolling down her cheeks. Everybody seemed busy and nobody bothered to look at what people around are doing. Everything continued to be the same until the girl crying felt a jerk and started crying loudly. The volleyball hit hard on her stomach and she was weeping in utter pain. Finding the girl crying, Kyra from the gang of girls rushed towards her and said – “I am extremely sorry. We were playing and somehow the ball hit you. Let me take you to the doctor.” The girl insisted Kyra to leave her alone but Kyra did not listen to her. She took the girl to the doctor for first aid treatment and then takes the girl to her home for a cup of coffee.

Throughout the way, the girl Mira was very quiet and did not speak a word. Kyra, on the other hand, is someone who talks without a break. She was unable to understand Mira’s attitude and impatiently asked her – “Is anything wrong with you? Why are you so quiet? Tell me please!”

For the first few seconds, Mira was hesitant to answer Kyra’s questions. But, soon she gave up her hesitation and narrated her entire story.
“I am Mira and I belong to a well-educated family. Since my childhood days, I was not very outgoing and was confined to books and assignments. Fashion trends and cosmetics do not allure me much and all I am interested in are books. Recently, I got engaged to a guy who works as a software engineer in Delhi. After the first days of engagement, everything went fine but later he started losing interest in me. I was told that I am not like other girls and I can’t keep him happy. In fact, he liked my sister more and wished to get married with her. When my sister refused to his proposal, he broke our engagement and got married with a modern girl like you Kyra. (Crying)”

Upon hearing this, Kyra was really disturbed and did not know what to say. Recollecting her courage, she said – “Mira, don’t worry dear. Let’s go out and have fun like never before.”

Mira – “I really wish I could go out with you Kyra.  My mother asked me not to go out in sun as my complexion will turn darker and it would be difficult to find a guy. I just can’t go out and enjoy life like you Kyra.”

Kyra was shocked to hear all this. It was not possible for her to believe what she just heard. How can an educated family think like this? What has happened to our society? (A storm was going inside her heart and mind)

Kyra (sternly) – Mira, like any other girl you even deserve to live life your way. We are going out and you don’t have to worry about tanning at all.   

Kyra opens her closet and pulls a beautiful floral dress for Mira. She asks Mira to change the dress and by the time fetches Lakme Skin Expert. She directs Mira to apply the sun expert on the exposed parts of her body and leave home to enjoy some girlie moments.

She introduces Mira to her gang and they all leave together for shopping. Even in the sunny afternoon, they were not bothered about sun rays darkening their skin and this was one reason why they all were able to enjoy the summer to the fullest.

After shopping, they came to the beach and went on to enjoy some scary water sports. Kyra was surprised to look the way Mira was enjoying everything. Mira was like any other girl and Kyra simply made her realize this fact.

At the end of the day, Mira stood with high confidence level and she knew she is as beautiful as other women on this planet. Since then Kyra and Mira are best friends and they enjoy summers like spring season.

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