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A Salute to Womanhood
The one who runs this universe?
The one who keeps family before self?
The one who loves unconditionally?
The one whose feelings are as soft as a petal?
The one whose wills are as strong as iron?
The one who is the Goddess of multitasking?

Well, the one here is a WOMAN.

Women are God’s best creations and many of you would agree on the same. Right now, I may sound as a sexist but trust me I’m not. I just respect women and want everyone else on this Earth to do the same. Whenever I see a woman achieving great heights be it in business or studies, I feel immensely happy. This is in fact the main reason why I end up exploring enterprises run or owned by women. The whole concept of businesswoman is very appealing and I wish to do the same in my life (it’s still a reverie).  

I know having a business of my own is still a dream but many Indian women have already achieved it and I feel really PROUD of them. This post is dedicated to one such woman who has inspired me greatly.

Richa is an engineer by profession. She left her job to look after her daughter. And, this was the point from where her story begins. To find out how she started her venture, GiftPiper, please read below her interview.

  1. Tell us something about yourself (Your Educational Background, Interests, Hobbies or anything that would help us in knowing Richa better)
I am an electronics engineer and MBA from XLRI, Jamshedpur. My favorite pastimes - fantasy fiction, singing, dancing, playing with my 2 year old daughter, exploring new places and cuisines with my husband. And of course, shopping for pretty, handmade things J
  1. How & when the journey of GiftPiper began? (We would love to know if there was something or someone who inspired you to begin this venture)
I have grown up seeing my super talented mom make many handmade things- She’s  an accomplished seamstress, knits lovely sweaters and is great at embroidery as well. So the appreciation for handmade stuff was always there. Besides, I love to shop and gift pretty stuff to people. I love to see the smiles on their faces.

After working as an ERP consultant and then as a brand consultant, I took a break when my daughter was born. In that time, I was trying to figure what to do next.  I realized that I could tap into my love for shopping and buying handmade things, to create something lasting. What keeps driving me is the smile I imagine on my customer’s faces, when they open their package. was launched last year in May.
  1. What makes Giftpiper unique from other online stores in the same niche?
We take a lot of pain to dig out handmade products that are unique and beautiful, as well as high quality. We only partner with sellers whose aesthetics match with ours. I don’t keep products on my website that I would not use personally. The intent is to bring tasteful things into people’s lives.
  1. How did this idea strike you, if u may share? You know, the epiphany moment?
It was the result of a casual conversation with a friend. At that time, I was still groping in that dark about what to do next. While talking to her, she mentioned someone who organizes surprise parties for a business. From there it suddenly struck me that I could get into something related to gifting, and that’s how I arrived at the idea.
  1. How difficult was it to begin? What specific hurdles did you face in the beginning, could you share some interesting facts?
I wanted to start the business as a low investment one, and to save costs, I had to do many things myself, with some help from my husband. I had to personally do the sourcing, website copy, design, product photography etc. And my husband managed internet marketing in whatever time he could take out from his hectic job. I think we have had to pick up more skills in the past few months than in our entire lives J
  1. What exactly did you feel upon receiving your first order? When and how was it?
At first only friends were ordering, but my first ‘real’ order came from an NRI customer- a very sweet lady who has now become a dear friend. She ordered kantha, madhubani and gond painting stoles from my website, and absolutely loved them. It was all so thrilling! She is now one of my most regular customers.
  1. Is it difficult for you to maintain a balance between personal and professional life?
No, because I have full support from my husband for this venture. We manage to find a balance together.
  1. Advice/Suggestions for Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs
Well, I don’t think I am yet at a stage to give advice. But I think people should only do a business which they are really passionate about. Getting into something just because ‘it will make money’ won’t give you that endless drive that is needed to keep a business going.

What is your thought on women entrepreneurs?

Do share your thoughts with us. 


  1. Its truly inspirational.
    For Indian women like us, social responsibilities are a big thing. We need to think out of the box to strike a balance between the family and passion. It really takes a lot of courage and time to come out of the dark, get some real family support and pursue the career.
    I am happy, Richa could do it. She truly is a strong woman with substance :)

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