Flower Shower

On birthday, On Anniversary,
On Beautiful Dresses.
Your Partner on First Date,
On Heels Of Late.
Spotted them on Hair,
Any guesses what are we talking about here???

We are talking about flowers. Floral prints are hot favorite this season and they are going to stay here for long. If by any chance you missed to hoard them in your wardrobe, jump in to your favorite brand store and buy a couple of dresses items with floral prints. It’s not just dresses that come with floral prints. We have trousers, stoles, shoes and even handbags with multi-hued flowers all over.

Floral prints are chic, breezy and perfect for summers! I truly deeply adore them. I hauled a few things in floral prints and will be posting about them in upcoming posts.

Floral Pants...

Lady Dior Floral Print Bag

Blue & Bright

Floral Print Stoles

Christian Louboutin Floral Pattern Shoes

Do you like floral prints? What all do you own out of these things? Eagerly waiting for your replies...