How to Buy Best Lingerie for Her for Valentines Day

January is coming to an end & February is approaching (you  might be thinking why I am telling such obvious things!)...Because for me approaching February means Get Ready for Valentine's Day. Don't remember since when but I am always super excited about this day. Couples holding each other's hands, Bouquets, Teddies, Gifts, Chocolates and of course positive vibes everywhere. We girls generally like such days and try our best to make it special for guys. Shopping is an art we all are proficient at and buying valentine's gifts for him is just a cakewalk. But hey for many boys shopping gifts for her is a nightmare. If you belong to the same league then here is one great gift idea - Buy Lingerie for her! (I saw a guy buying lingerie for her wife today and I was wondering if someone can do the same for me :D)

PS: Before you jump out of excitement to buy lingerie for her, take a look. Consider this gift option only if your relationship has gone to a next level. If you guys have just started dating, gifting lingerie is a BAD BAD idea. Now, if you are sure about giving her some great lingerie I would say - "GO AHEAD!"

The idea of gifting lingerie to girls appeals to many boyfriends/husbands but lack of knowledge and hesitation push them to buy other conventional gifts. But, if you know how the tips for buying lingerie and your partner's taste, lingerie would be the best thing you can gift her (and she would like it too!).

Though there is no particular checklist that needs to be followed while buying lingerie for your lady but keeping a few points in mind would make the task easier.

Get the Size Right or You End Up with a Fight
With so many sizes and variations, it becomes really difficult for men to find out the right product. Finding out the size is the only Herculean task in the entire process and you should  perform well at it. You can ask your girlfriend about the size or try to reach the cupboard where she keeps it or do anything you can to fetch the right size. And if you already know it then you save yourself from doing one of the most difficult things in the world.

Find Out Her Interests, Not Yours
Most of the men commit the mistake of buying lingerie that they wish to see her wearing. Well, you don't have to wear it and thus it need not be of your choice. Try to find out more about what she likes to wear and buy something accordingly. Girls are very sensitive about their lingerie and you have to take care of it at every step.

Comfort at the Core
Whenever it comes to buying lingerie, comfort is the foremost factor. So, always buy patterns that your girlfriend/wife would wear in a comfortable manner. (If your girl is someone who prefers wearing bikini style panty, please don't gift her thongs.)

Quality is a Must
The kind of lingerie one wears affects the overall shape of the body as well. So whenever you are buying lingerie as a gift do not compromise with the quality. So many different brands are available in the market selling quality lingerie at nominal prices and you should try to explore them properly.
PS: FashionandYou has a special section of lingerie from PlayBoy and many such brands at heavily discounted prices for this Valentine's Day. So, take a look and you might save yourself from the hesitation of shopping sensuous lingerie at stores in person.

Wrap it Beautifully
The gift should be packed so beautifully done that the other person could not wait even for a second to see what is inside. Search of some ways using which you can wrap the gift in an innovative and appealing manner. Customizable gift wrapping is also possible these days and you can go for it too.

Now get in a mood to buy the best lingerie for her & surprise her on this Valentines Day. And All the Best that you choose the perfect piece for her :)

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  1. Good thing you shared your checklist when buying a lingerie. I will share it to my friends as well to my husband for him to give me the best.