Fashion & Kids? Well, They Are Born Fashionistas!

Have you ever heard about a theory called "Downward Filtration Theory"? I studied it sometime during my graduation and it holds true in real life as well. Our love for fashion & trends filters down to the kids in the family and even they have become highly fashion conscious. Like my kiddo brother (he is just six years old) who wears clothes only from United Colors of Benetton. Sigh!!! I think to large extent some extent I am responsible for his fetish for branded clothes. But when I read about India Kids Fashion Week 2012, I knew that it is not just my brother but every kid around is brand conscious. Be it the latest car or the most popular item number, our little heroes are not behind. They can challenge your general knowledge. So, beware!!!

About India Kids Fashion Week 2012 (IKFW-2012)

The phrase India Kids Fashion Week was intriguing and I was so curious to know what these fashion people are coming up with now. Well, it is a fashion week dedicated to all designers and brands dealing into apparels, toys and other accessories for kids. Wow! It is a novice thought and Kudos to those who came up with this. According to industry experts, fashion industry for kids has a great scope of expansion and it is time to expand it further and better. To make this happen, it was required to bring all designers in one place and India Kids Fashion Week was the right place for this.

Participating Designers
I know we all fashion freaks want to know who all designers are participating and putting forth their best dresses for kids on the ramp. The participating designers include big names like Rocky S, Nishka Lulla, Malani Ramani, Prachi Badvae (She is just 11 years old) and many more.  

IKFW - Changing Lives
There is always a purpose behind conducting an event and same is the case with Indian Kids Fashion Week. Apart from bringing the kids fashion industry to a higher level, this event would change people’s lives in many different ways...

Firstly, it is a platform that would bring attention to the really deserving fashion designers working exclusively for kids. Designing clothes and toys for kids is not a child’s play and you would realize it after watching the hard work and time these designers put in.

And how can we forget proud parents of our sweet little models. Today, every parent wants his kid to be an all-rounder and even ready to take that extra step for turning this wish true. The response received for the event was huge and parents were highly enthused about their kid’s participation in this fashion event.

Be it kids, parents, sponsors, organizers or any other person associated with the event, each one of them has worked well and made this event successful.


  1. hehe GROWNUP fashions are sometimes awkward
    but little ones fasion is LOVELT SIGHT TO WATCH :)

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