Daemonic Past Vs Angelic Present

Past Vs Present

Finding someone who says your past doesn’t bother me is easy but finding a partner who actually accepts you with your past is rare. At one point or the other, your past stands in front of your present and saving one from ill-effects of the other becomes almost impossible. Something similar happened recently and I was unable to convince a friend that PAST is gone and it does not really matter. But who bothers to listen!! (I hate people who assume things on their own and then act as if their decisions are based on your explanation.)

Anyways, I am not here to talk about such group of people but what I am worried about is - Is your past so powerful that it can becloud all your good deeds? Well, I believe in most of the cases the answer is an affirmative YES. A dark secret from your past can ruin all the beautiful moments spent together and this is why most of us are afraid of revealing our secrets to our loved ones.

But, do you think hiding things would strengthen your relationship further. Absolutely not! If your partner gets to know about your past from a third person things can be vulnerable beyond your imagination. So, put together all your courage and confess everything you have in your mind before starting a relationship. And don’t forget - “If someone is yours, he/she would come back to you no matter what.” So, be honest to your partner and your relationship and everything would be perfect.

Honestly, I don’t want to sound like a Dutch Uncle but if you are hiding something from your partner/parents/friends, go and share it with them. A mistake of your past cannot break true relationships and I have experienced this. And from now on, do not try out things that you have to hide from closed ones.