Can Sex & Menstruation Go Together?

She was home alone when he came to meet her & sort out some misunderstanding. She argued for long & burst into tears after a while. He grasped her tight in his arms and cuddled her till the moment she forgot they were fighting ever. Few moments passed and they were kissing each other passionately. Before he could go down on her, she just realized she was having her periods. Now, she was in a dilemma - to let him continue or stop him right there. A second passed & she blurted "I am having my periods. Let's stop it right here." Both of them were riding high but they could not get aboard because she was bleeding.
I believe this is the one problem large numbers of couples come across frequently. ‘People should not have sex during periods’ is one common myth prevalent in the world and there exist large numbers of people who actually believe in it. If you or your partner confide into the same myth then it is time to unearth the truth behind it.

Myth: One should not have sex when the girl is having periods.

Truth: Having sex during periods is similar to having it on any normal day. Medically, there is no harm associated with having sex during menstruation.

So, the next time you are in bed and you find your girl menstruating, you can flow into the stream of your intimate feelings without getting worried about any health issues. In fact, there are varied benefits associated with having sex during periods and maybe these benefits persuade you to make out during that time of the month.

Benefits of Making Love During Monthlies

Hard to stomach the fact at first but having sex during monthlies can prove beneficial in multiple ways.

Get Away with Those Torturing Cramps

Not every but most of the women suffer from menstruation cramps and they cause great inconvenience to women. But, you can get rid of these cramps by making out love while discharging. During the intercourse, the vaginal walls expand thereby reducing the pain which women experience otherwise. Moreover, having sex makes you feel pleasurable and the pain just fades away. So, the next time you see yourself or your girl experiencing menstrual cramps, you can think about loving & cuddling.

Enjoy Fewer Days of Discharge

Yes, it is true. By having sex during your monthlies the duration of the periods is generally reduced. The reason behind this phenomenon is - The rate at which the blood is shed out from the body increases due to the contractions in the uterus.

Easier & Enjoyable Insertion
There are many couples who use different sorts of lubricants to make the insertion easier and painless for women. Well, the liquid discharged during monthlies is a natural lubricant and it would make the intercourse way more amusing. But, before you do this it is essential for both the partners to be comfortable with this idea.

Word of Caution

Before you simply jump into trying this idea out, it is necessary to keep a note of a few things.

Use Some Precaution.

Though it is true that the odds of getting pregnant during menses is almost zero but still you should never take a chance. Guys should always use precautions not only to avoid pregnancy but also for a cleaner intercourse. It also protects again Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STDs).

Talk to Your Partner Before Getting Ahead

Generally, it has been seen that people have mixed reactions towards the thought of making love during menses. So, it is always better to discuss the issue with your partner and then only take  things ahead. If any of the partner is not really happy with the idea then do not push.

PS: This is the first time I wrote about such an issue and I am a little apprehensive about the responses I would be getting in turn. Still, I would love to hear your take on this topic.


  1. Nice post and a myth buster.
    But then I don't completely agree on the issue. There is a higher chance for STD spread during periods which in turn is a major problem these days. So a condom use may be recommended during such occasions. Just my view.

  2. @Leo - Yes, you are absolutely right. Using a condom during such a situation is always advisable.

  3. First time on your blog.
    Hope to see you in tomorrow meet.