Unique & Comfortable Lingerie by Adira Woman

There comes a time every month when I get irritated at the smallest prank made by friends, start yelling at people for no reason, don’t move from bed and just keep on cursing myself being born as a girl (Trust me, this is the only phase when I think like this). Still not able to figure out which phase I am referring to? Well, I am talking about Aunt Flow. Every month she arrives and brings along pain, tackiness, and discomfort. During her arrival, I make sure not to wear my new clothes as I am always worried about getting stains on them. Did it ever happen that your new pair of jeans got stained? It happens quite frequently with me and I could never find a suitable solution to the problem.

However, a few days back I got to know about the existence of period panties and I was really very excited with this discovery. I mean; panties for periods…Now, that was a real discovery in my eyes at least and the credit goes to Adira Woman. The brand with all dedication designs unique lingerie for women and I found some of them pretty interesting.

1.       Period Panty  
This is the first type of product that Adira manufactures and let me tell you that it is an International Patent Pending Product. Period panty includes three layers that make it leak proof and you don’t have to worry about leaving stains on clothes or any other place where you sit for a long time.
The period panty is available in two different designs – Boxer (for high flow days) and Hipster (for low flow days).

2.       Perfumed Lingerie
Another interesting product available at Adira is perfumed lingerie. This lingerie is available in fragrances like rose, jasmine, and lavender and you can wear it for………..THE CHOICE IS ALL YOURS J

3.       Slimming Shape wear
Adira manufactures slimming shape wear for women and you can wear it to hide all those bulges when wearing a body-hugging dress.

Apart from the products mentioned above, there are a few other things that are available at Adira and you can check them out by visiting their website at www.adirawoman.com.

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