I Wear to Express - Today & Every Day

Like every other writer in this universe, I just love to write; the topic or theme doesn’t matter. I have been in the industry for more than four years now and written on some of the most bizarre topics (starting from finance to relationships.)

Usually, I write to express my thoughts or feelings and thus the topic is chosen by me. But, of late I find it exciting to write on topics given by others. It literally challenges my creative wits and persuades me to write on a common topic but with a pinch of me.

Jabong.com is celebrating this Independence Day with the blogger community by making them write on – Wear to Express. I have heard this phrase many a times before but I understood the hidden powerful meaning until I started writing this post. The way I dress up every day is completely dependent on my mood and I can surely say that the outer me reflects what goes inside my mind. For instance, if I am happy & confident, you will find me wearing bright coloured clothes with nicely done makeup (the compliments I get on such days make me even happier). On the contrary, if I am sad on a given day, I will be seen wearing clothes I like the least, with no makeup and undone hair. So for me, clothes are one of the ways to express my innermost feelings.

If you ask me to choose just one look that portrays the real me, I would say, “One look isn’t enough to describe me.” Having a dynamic personality (like most women), I am a new person every day and thus I decided to choose three completely different looks that depict fifty shades of Yukti J

The Usual Me – Casual Outfit & No Makeup

Casual Look Baronial Feminite

It goes without saying that like most of the women, I love makeup as it enhances my looks. However, five out of seven days, you will find me in a casual top & jeggings with almost negligible makeup (kajal doesn’t qualify as makeup for me). With such an outfit, I can eat, sit, stretch, and even sleep with ease. In fact, this is my favourite look during weekdays as I can comfortably spend 9-10 hours without having an itch to change into my PJs.

The Diva Me (of course with Comfort)

Baronial Feminite

There are days when I feel like dressing up to a T with properly done makeup. For such days, I prefer wearing bright colours. To depict this look, I chose to wear the maxi dress that I bought from Jabong.com. This dress is chic yet so comfortable that I am repeating it too often. Don’t miss the bright lip cream and the multi-layer necklace.

The Indian Me

Anarkali Suit in Neon Colors from Meena Bazaar

If given a choice, I would always pick Indian clothes over western ones. If I talk about my teen years; I never wore kurtis or suits at all. But, as soon as I graduated from college (like five years ago); I developed a strong liking for Indian attire. I wore this anarkali suit for my cousin’s wedding and I simply love it. The use of neon colours with little gotta patti made it a perfect choice for me.

The clothes, the style may change but one thing that remains constant every day is comfort. Comfort comes before fashion & trends for me.

This is how I chose to describe my #weartoexpress story. Have you shared yours?