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Isn’t it annoying to hop from one shop (or website) to another in search of something good (my favourite phrase)? Wouldn’t you wish for a single place that lists information about all the best stores in the town or country or may be universe? If you just nodded your head in agreement then we have some good news for you. Baronial féminité will be starting a new series where we will talk about the best stores and their creations.

Today, the Store under Spotlight is Gyan’s Couture

Let’s first talk about the business & the pretty girl behind it before having a look at their beautiful creations.

Name of Your Store

Gyan's Couture

Products you Deal into

Gyan's Couture does exclusive designer sarees, suits, dresses, gowns, & bridal wear, designed by Gyanjyoti Bhutoria.

What made you get into the business? (So inspiring it is)

Business was always my plan. I like to have my own space when it comes to creation. I was working as an International Head Designer, in Mumbai. After designing for few celebs and socialites for years, I wanted more. That is when the Royals of Doha, Qatar approached the designer, I was working for. I was briefed on their requirement and did sample designing and for the final approval I was called to have a meet in Doha. Fortunately the meeting went fine and a huge order was placed. We were recommended to the Royals of Dubai too. But I quit after finishing the project with the Royals of Doha. I always wanted to get back to my homeland and start my own line but experience and small little achievements. This project gave me both and did boost my confidence. After this i knew it’s time for me to start working on my own dream.

USP of your Brand/Store (I am eyeing some of her beautiful outfits)

The USP of my brand is that I don’t make multiple pieces of same design; it's truly a designer wear. So if you place an order and buy anything from my store, you know it’s EXCLUSIVE. Secondly you’ll never find compromise in the quality of my work. For Bridal wardrobes, I like to work in traditional style; I like to know my client better first before I sketch. After creating a sample of embroidery, I take an approval and then only take onto the work. My production takes place in Mumbai but maximum of my clients are in Nepal and other parts of India but by God’s grace and my technique of taking measurements, my fits are fantastic.

Tell us something about your First Customer (Truly amazing; Do read)

It was my first ever Exhibition as Gyan's Couture. At 11:15 am sharp walked in a beautiful couple and they picked up sarees from every stand and I remember very well the table had 6 sarees. They looked at all of them and next minute they asked me to pack all of it and said they’ll withdraw cash and come as i had no machine to swipe the card. I was surprised as i didn’t know who they are and they have hardly been at my stand for 20 minutes. I didn’t know if I should pack it or not but I did as they said. They didn’t turn up for quite a while; I was nervous but they got back after an hour. I asked them for whom are they buying these sarees for and I suggested the lady not to buy one of them for herself as the saree was to heavy and would not look great on her as she is too petite. She loved me for my fair words and till date she is my best client.

The story is even more surprising for my first Bridal wardrobe. The bride’s sister saw my sarees which had no essence of bridal touch but she liked the quality of work. She bought three sarees for herself and gave me order for her sister’s bridal wardrobe. Despite me asking her to meet and discuss the wardrobe, she wouldn't agree and said professionals know the job better. I was briefed on the wardrobe, the choice of shades and measurements; they made complete payment and handed over flight tickets to me then and there.



Tell us about yourself (Every time I read about a woman entrepreneur, I feel proud)

Gyanjyoti Bhutoria

"Soul of a gypsy captivated in flesh of a passionate Fashion Designer.”

I am an honest artist, a good designer and a hardworking independent woman. My dream is to travel the world. My goal is to have my own store in Mumbai (my city) though i belong to Kathmandu. My weakness is I am terrible at networking and promoting my work. No achievement is big achievement for me so satisfaction, happiness and pride come with loads of difficulties or I would rather say the moment hasn't come yet. I have a long way to go.

Gyanjyoti Bhutoria can be reached out on Facebook -

And now please your eyes by looking at these pretty creations by Gyan's

Designer Saree

Blue Designer Saree at Baronial Feminite

Designer Gown at Baronial Feminite

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