Livon Hair Gain Tonic for Women Launch Event

Do you remember that game in movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, where they spontaneously say one word in response to a given word? Well, that game is called Word Association; it involves an exchange of words that are associated together. If you play that game with me and say “Livon”, my spontaneous reply would be hair care. Ever since I have heard of Livon, I know it has to do something with hair care. So, when I got an invite to the product launch of a brand new product by Livon, I knew I had to be there.

The Venue@The Grand, New Delhi for Livon Hair Gain Tonic for Women Launch

The event was held at The Grand Hotel, New Delhi on 1st of August 2015. The event was scheduled for 3:30 pm but began around 4 pm as it started raining cats & dogs just before the show time. Nevertheless, we utilized that time for chatting with fellow bloggers & enjoyed exchanging our contact details. Soon after, the show began and the gorgeous host took the stage. (Guys, I fell in love with her heels :;) She introduced the audience to Dr Aparna Santhanam, who is a renowned dermatologist and cosmetologist, and also the author of “Skin Deep” and “Let’s Talk Hair”.

As expected, the entire session was extremely enlightening and I came back home with some valuable information.

Difference between Hair Fall & Hair Breakage

Hair fall stages - Women

Dr Aparna started explaining how hair fall & hair breakage are two different things. In hair fall, the hair breaks from the root; hair breakage is when hair breaks somewhere in the middle of the length. To find out if you are suffering from hair fall or hair breakage, you can take a simple test. Just put the strand of hair against a white sheet. If the tip has a white ending then it is certainly hair fall. In case both the ends are black, it is hair breakage.

Although it is not possible to curb hair loss completely but you can certainly control it to some extent with proper care & regular maintenance.

The A-C-T Hair Cycle

Dr Aparna then explained the Anagen-Catagen-Telogen (A-C-T) hair cycle with the help of a model. (For a moment, I felt like I was transported to my biology class)

The A-C-T Cycle

Scalp hair grows in cycles with normally 3 phases-the Anagen phase which means the hair is in active growth phase, the Catagen phase which means the hair is getting ready to shed and the Telogen phase which means your hair is resting in between phases. Normally, each hair follicle cycles independently, so that while some hair are growing, others are resting and others are shedding. Thus, the density of the scalp hair and the total number of scalp hair remain stable.

But the real problem arises if the Anagen phase hair follicles prematurely transition to the Telogen phase. This process results in a noticeable increase in hair shedding at the end of the Telogen phase which is then defined as hair loss.

Livon Hair Gain Tonic for Women

To address the issue of increasing hair loss among women, Livon has launched its all new revolutionary product – Livon Hair Gain Tonic for Women. The product works on arresting the issue of hair loss instead of hair breakage.

The event was concluded with high tea and some lip-smacking snacks. Also, we got a lovely hamper that includes a box full of roasted dry fruits & berries, the book Let’s Talk Hair, and a sample of Livon Hair Gain Tonic.

I have attended quite a few events till date and I liked how this product launch was more of a knowledge-sharing session than just a promotional event.

Now, enjoy looking at some of the pictures from the event.

Dr. Aparna explaining the A-C-T Cycle

Dr. Aparna interacting with the bloggers

The Unveiling of Livon Hair Gain Tonic for Women

Fashion Blogger Baronial Feminite in Maxi Dress
That's me in my favorite maxi dress

Baronial Feminite Fashion Blogger
Livon Hair Gain Tonic

Baronial Feminite
Hamper Full of Goodies

Fashion & Beauty Blogger Baronial Feminite
Time for Selfie!

PS: I am using the tonic currently and would like to try it for some more time before posting a detailed review for you guys.


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