Yellow Yellow, Flirty Fellow!

Simple & sober colors are gone now. Vibrant colors like yellow, green, pink, and red are in vogue when it comes to shopping of – apparels, footwear, bags, accessories, nail paint and even things that are not visible to the rest of the world (you know what I am referring to). Okay, even I am obsessed with such colorful items and could not stop myself, whenever I find any such thing in the market.

Simpsons print on My Bag
Last Sunday, I went to the market with my younger sister and brother and visited a newly opened store called “EMERGE”. The store had a complete punk look and it was the only reason I entered it. But, trust me; the collection of the store was amazing just like its décor. It got everything from clothes to accessories and I spent a good time there checking out stuff.

During my treasure hunt at EMERGE, I found a really cute yellow bag with Simpsons (the famous cartoon character) on it. The bag was just so appealing that I ended up buying it. This bag has more length in comparison to its width and you can dump in as much stuff as you want. For college girls, these kinds of bags are better as they can carry their long notebooks easily (I wonder if you carry any!). One thing that I liked the most about this bag is it can be washed at home easily. Actually, it is made of cotton like material and you can carry it anywhere without taking much care (Well, I like things that can be handled without careJ). Any guesses how much I paid for this bag?? Well, it was for 850 INR and I think it is worth it after receiving compliments for the bag, from all my female colleagues.

Along with this, there were many more things that I liked at EMERGE but could not buy them due to stumpy budget. If you are someone who always loves to carry chic things to your college or office, you must check out the mobile cases, key chains, and wallets available at the store.

I am planning to visit the store again once I get my paycheck and shop a few more pretty little things for myself.

For now, I am signing off and hope to come back soon with another post. Till then, take care and keep shopping like you always doJ.  

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  1. hahah looks cute the way u have written it.