My Voyage with Blogging World


Are you wondering why?

Well, because you took out some time from your time-starved life to have a look (or maybe read) my blog.

I would not say that I am trying my hand at writing for the first time as I have been working as a ghostwriter for quite some time now. But, yes this is my first personal blog and I am pretty excited about it. J

The idea of starting a personal blog was always wandering somewhere at the back of my mind but what was taking me back was – MOTIVATION. I needed some motivation & support to begin with my blog.

Finally, the day came and my life changed (Daily Horoscope at Facebook predicted it). A guy, completely stranger, came into my life and there was no looking back. He is intellectual, dashing, and humorous and everything what a girl wants. We chatted, texted, and phoned. The frequency of calls and messages was so high that it did not take more than ten days to cover the distance from strangers to good friends.

He constantly motivated me to start my own blog and see I am here with my blog “Baronial feminite”.   
Though there are multitudinous things under the sky to blog about, but I will keep my blog limited to womanhood. I will try to make this blog as interesting & useful as possible.

So, with this I wrap up my first post and will come up with another one very soon. Till then take care of yourself and stay beautiful as you are….

Your suggestions & comments are always welcome. J


  1. U have been writing for others for quite a time now, Its a sheer pleasure to read ur own thoughts...
    Loved it
    u r simply awesum

  2. Yaman...You made my day...Thanks a lot...:) :)

  3. Oh its awesome to read it.