Grooving to Tunes with Angry Birds

You might find this title post quirky if you are a regular player of this highly popular game called “Angry Birds”. And, if by any chance you do not know about this game at all (You are just like me :D), search for it here and you would know about it. Anyways, I am in no ways trying to persuade you to start playing this game (even I don’t play it). Rather, I would want to share about my new Angry Bird Earphones which I bought on my last visit to the market.

Like every time, I went to Miss Jo (a popular accessory store) to check out some funky and girly accessories. After roaming around here and there, these cute yellow earphones with angry birds on them, hooked my attention and like always I could not resist buying them. Well, at that time I was not sure whether they would work with my cell phone or not but still bought them (They are just so adorable). Bang! They work with my Samsung phone (though I have to use a connector) and it feels good whenever I plug them into my ears. Listening music with Angry Birds is amazingJ!

Okay, if by any chance you feel like buying this kind of colorful and animated earphones then let me just tell you that a few other designs were also available at the store. All these earphones are priced at 395 INR and you can buy as many as you want in different colors with varied designs. 


  1. girls, n their swanky lil fads..!!...:P
    all in all..enjoyable read..!!
    keep on ..!!

  2. I play the game and love the characters. But I'd rather stick with my plain sony earphones. Sound clarity is the bigger issue than style :p

  3. @JJ well each one of us different priorities..For me style comes before :P

  4. i find angry birds very cute.