My Resolutions for Year 2014

Before starting with my long list of resolutions, I would want to wish you all a very very Happy New Year. May God bless each one of you with loads of success & happiness. I truly wish the coming year to be a fantastic one for all. I really want to live in a happy, corruption-free world!

Like every time, this year also I have a long list of resolutions. The only difference is I am serious about following each one of them religiously. Let's see how it goes!

  1. Shed Extra Weight - Losing weight takes the first position in my resolution list. This time I am not going to rely on crash diets. My plan for the first month is to eat light dinners and avoid junk food.
  2. Time Management - I have become super lazy and spend most of the time doing nothing. So, I will try and manage my time properly.
  3. Blog Daily - Owing to my hectic schedule, it is way too much to commit for. But, I'll try my level best to update the blog regularly.
  4. Save some Money - Even after working for around 3 years, my savings account shows a big 0. This year the focus will be on saving some money that can be used in my wedding ;)
  5. Grow my Hair Long - About 3 or may be 4 years ago, I used to have really long, shiny hair. But, now my hair are limp, dry and short too. They need my love, care and attention now.
So, that's all what I plan to do in 2014. What are your new year resolutions? Please share by commenting below.

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