Getting Back to My Love - Blogging!

Blame it on my hectic schedule or laziness, I couldn't write on my blog for quite some time. In the course of this almost two years, my life has changed drastically.

Firstly, I am over my seven-year relationship. Don't exactly know what went wrong but I have moved on. Not really sure if I am happy though :(

Secondly, I made a job switch which wasn't really a wise decision. In my present job, there is loads & loads of work and sadly it doesn't require any creativity.

Thirdly, I have almost attained the marriageable age. My mom thinks girls should get married by this age and I really don't know how to react. All I know is I don't want to get married. NOT NOW, NOT EVER!

Fourthly, we shifted to our new house which is the only good thing that happened in the 2-year course. I am always busy searching for new accents to add to my home. Will be sharing some stuff with you as well.

What more? Yesterday we celebrated my kiddo brother's 9th birthday and I am just so happy for him. It's been a sheer pleasure watching him grow from a just born baby to a 9-year old boy (PS: With a great sense of humor).

At times, I feel life is moving so fast giving me no moment to think. Then, there are times when life moves at a snail's pace and I want it to move on faster.

While talking about life, I thought of sharing the link to my poem on life - 

If you have time, read it and share your feedback on the same.

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