Save Your Marriage from Evil-Devil Divorce

“More marriages might survive if the partners realized that sometimes the better comes after the worse.” Doug Larson

But, do you think anyone has time & patience to wait for things to get better? Well, the answer is NO if you look at the numbers of divorces taking place across the world. For long years, I have heard “Marriages are made in heaven” but today the meaning seems to fade away. The numbers of divorces are taking a toll and I realized the convolution of this social issue when it happened to someone very close to my heart. 

Apparently, divorce appears as the easiest and most viable option to couples who are not having a smooth married life but its consequences can be really really detrimental. The condition is worse if some couple divorces after having kids. Definitely, watching parents separate is distressing for kids and they might not be able to handle it properly. So, if not for yourself, give a thought of improving your relation for your children.

1.      Love Your Partner & Express It

Be it a man or woman, we all need love and care from the special one in our lives. So, love your partner unconditionally and more importantly express it. Buy each other gifts, arrange special dates, and go out for vacations regularly and always think of ways that keep the spark live in the relationship.
And remember – “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” So, love your partner as much as you can.

2.      Work Upon your Differences

No two persons on this planet are alike and the same applies to married couples. It is never expected that you both think in the right direction but it is always expected that both the partners respect each other. Rather than creating a fuss about your differences try to accept them. If there is something you cannot handle, talk to your partner regarding it, and try to work upon it. Try it. It really works.

3.      Learn the Art of Forgiveness

We all are humans and the odds of committing mistakes are more for all of us. But can’t we just try to forgive the guy/girl we love the most to save relationships? Of course, we can. I know it is so very difficult to forgive something that hurts you but it is nothing in front of your beautiful relationship.

4.      Throw your Ego Away!

Every individual is intelligent, capable, earning and has his own attitude. However, your egoistic attitude can ruin your relationship completely. So, whenever you enter your home throw away your attitude and give utmost love and care to your partner.

5.      Romance is the Word!

With hectic schedules and tough competition, romance is fading away from the lives of many married couples. We all are so much engrossed in meeting targets at professional front that the personal married life is neglected. Well, this should not happen and a perfect balance should be maintained between career and marriage. So take out time and spice up your married life with romance.

I know it is very easy to read these things but reading alone would not help. Implement these changes in your life and you cannot just save your marriage but turn it into a beautiful relation, to be cherished till eternity.


  1. thank god i follow all the 5 traits!!! :-)


  2. Hey Rahul. Glad to hear that you are taking care of your relationship so well. Wish you good luck...:)

  3. in this materialistic world life is very volatile ... all sticks for there own selfishness ...yes i do agree with all the facts but need mutual sincerity & truthfulness

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