Pull Up Your Socks In Style

Here come winters and my shopping for socks take a toll. Plain socks in basic colors are a complete no for me. I always had a fetish for bright-colored socks with the craziest and funkiest prints on it and this is the reason why I end up buying almost a dozen pair of socks every season: D. Now, before I start shopping for some funny and uncanny socks for myself, I thought of sharing some different types of socks with you. Maybe after reading, you develop some interest in socks and turn into a socks maniac like meJ.

1.   Cotton Ankle Socks in Vivid Colors

Socks in cotton are the most common and they are readily available in the markets. Girls can wear these socks with shoes, ballerinas, floaters, and even flip-flops. Try buying these socks in some funky colors so that it looks nice and stylish too. Apart from buying cotton socks with different color-combinations, why not try ones with characters drawn on it. Personally, I have socks with Shinchan and Tweety over it and I just love them.

Ranbeer Kapoor in Wake Up Sid
NOTE: Guys, you can even think of wearing such socks. Remember Ranbeer Kapoor in Wake Up Sid.

2.   Feathery Socks

If you are looking for socks that are warm and stylish then feathery socks are the best ones to buy. Feather socks are really soft and I have one in pink and other in yellow. You can easily find varied designs in different colors, designs, and patterns. The price for these socks is comparatively higher than normal cotton socks but they are worth it.

3.   Toe Socks

I came to know about the existence of toe socks when I saw a senior wearing them in college. Each toe in a different color looked amazing with flip-flops and since that very moment, I fell in love with these socks. With toe socks, I can wear flip-flops even in winters without any inconvenience. Though these socks are not as easily available as other ones, but with little efforts you can succeed in your mission.

4.   Woolen Knitted Socks

When I was a kid, my nanni used to knit woolen socks and sweaters for me. And I used to flaunt them in front of my friends. Now, she is no more and nor does the socks she used to knit for us with love and care.

Well, these days woolen knitted socks are also available in the market and they are utterly warm. One problem with these socks is you cannot wear them with shoes and this is why I wear these socks only when I am at home.

5.   Slipper Socks

Slipper socks can be used for dual purpose - as slippers and socks.  If you look at these socks then they are similar to woolen socks except for a sole beneath it. This type of socks protects feet from cold and you can walk here and there in your home and neighborhood while putting on these socks. For these socks, you may have to spend from 200 INR to 500 INR.

6.   NET Socks

Honestly, these socks have nothing to do with winters, as they are not warm at all. But, yes they look utterly classy if you wear them to a party in winters with stilettos or ballerinas.Net socks are available both in ankle length and knee length. Wearing net stockings with a short dress to a party in winters would definitely make you look hot and sensuous.

So, go out and shop for the cutest and most exclusive socks for you and your family. Happy Shopping J

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