Hairy Treasure – Savor it before It’s Too Late

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” – Khali Gibran

Every time I watch someone’s hair swaying with the winds, the only thought in my mind is – Why not mine? Whenever I see a girl walking down the street with lustrous hair, I go down in my lane of memories when I used to have LONG & SILKY HAIR. Like every mother, my mom used to take utmost care of my hair so that my hairs grow strong and healthy. Though I do not remember all the things, she used to apply on my hair but some of them that I can recollect for the moment are:

Mustard Oil with Curd

Every Sunday morning, I used to sit in front of my mom and she used to apply this mixture on my hair. Curd is a natural conditioner and it definitely helped in keeping my long locks of hair healthy. For many of you, applying mustard oil is a daring task as it has some peculiar smell but it nourishes hair greatly. An added advantage of using this oil is it prevents graying.

Lemon Juice

Another natural ingredient that my mother used to apply on my hair was lemon juice. Applying lemon juice with cotton on hair is not daunting and it can be done within a few minutes. Lemon helps in keeping hair shiny and it is tried & tested.

From School to College à My Beautiful Hair Gone Astray

Until the time I was in school, my mother never allowed to cut my hair short. Out of all my cousin sisters, I got the prettiest of hair and I always felt proud of it. But, as soon as I joined college, girls with stylish haircuts were around and finally I succumbed to the trend of short hair. I went to have a haircut and the stupid person cut them very short. Well, I had no option but to come back home. Looking at my short time, not only mom but also my friends frowned.

Days passed by & life got busier. In this time-starved life, there was no time to take care of hair and their condition worsened with every passing day. The only thing I am left with is lifeless hair and I keep on moaning and regretting on what I did.

It’s Better Late than Never
It has been long since I paid attention to my hair but it is better late than never. For the past couple of months, I have started putting in efforts to get back my long and glistening hair and I am hopeful that my efforts pay soon.

Some of the easy things I do to nourish my hair include:

·       Oil Massage – Relaxing & Nutritious

Massaging hair with warm oil makes relives me from the hustle and bustle of the city. An oil massage is not just a stress buster but helps in untangling and smoothening hair.

·       Beer – A Reason to Cheer

It is always fun to have beer with friends but at times, I use it for my hair too. Add a few drops of beer to water and use it to rinse hair. It makes hair shinier.

·       Condition Hair & Show Unconditional Love

I am a lazy lad and always skip using a conditioner after shampooing my hair. However, for some days, I have started using Dove Intense Repair conditioner and the texture of my hair has improved.

·       Protecting Curls from Devilish Pollution

Pollution is a daemon causing various health ailments and one amongst them is hair fall. So, my primary aim is to protect my hair from the shackles of pollution and it can be done easily by covering your hair with a scarf or a dupatta.

·       Healthy Eating Habits for Healthy Tresses

Healthy eating habits stimulate hair growth thereby, improving its texture. Green leafy vegetables, egg, fish, and other vitamin rich items can be consumed for long healthy tresses.
With all these steps, the quality of my hair has improved a bit but it would take many more efforts to bring them back in form.

I would wrap up the post with a few lines to express my love for my hair:

From Rapunzel to Barbie,
Shiny Long Hair Make them Starry.
Somewhere deep inside I long to be a star,
With lifeless hair, the dream seems so far.
I cried, I cursed,
But never made an effort to love.
Hair is like a baby, one fine day I realized,
Shower love & care so it is not deprived.
Pamper your hair as much as you can
They would stay with you for a longer span.

PS: This post is written for the Dove Blogger Contest.