5 Reasons Why Inheriting College Education from Parents Isn't a Good Idea!

It's a common sight particularly in India that parents want their children to follow their footsteps. It wouldn't come as a surprise if you hear a parent saying that his son or daughter must attend Delhi University just because they studied there. Or the father landed a high-salaried job in a leading conglomerate after attending IIT, so should their son. The list of such instances is endless but the point we are trying to make here is every time a discussion starts on "Kya Socha" about kids, parents put up their own expectations without thinking about what their son or daughter wants.

Well, it's time to make parents understand that asking children to do what they did, is equivalent to ask them to stick to a Siemens phone (that big one with antenna) in the era of smartphones.

In today's Internet era, everything from the employer's demands to opportunities are changing. A profession that wasn't popular at all during 80's-90's can be one of the highest paying ones today. The time has changed and it's not a good idea to limit the imagination and aspirations of the young souls! Don't impose your experiences on children; let them think freely and use your valuable experience to guide them to achieve what they want in life.

It is time when you should #thinkBIG and guide your children to dream big too. Do you know how thinking big can make a difference to lives of your children? Watch this inspiring video by LPU and see how small decisions with a big thinking can change your life!

#ThinkBig today and enjoy a prosperous future ahead!

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