Reminiscing Old Memories with Siblings on Rakshabandhan

Of all the festivals we celebrate in India, Rakshabandhan is my favourite. From buying new clothes to stalking online stores like for the best gifts for my siblings to receiving gifts, the festival has a charm of its own. And the excitement got doubled this year, when I celebrated Rakshabandhan twice! Actually, two of my cousins were heading back to USA around 18th while Rakshabandhan was on 29th of August. So, we decided to ditch the date and celebrate when we all were together (the perks of having crazy siblings.)

Rakshabandhan celebrations 2015 Baronial Feminite

Though I am yet to get over the hangover of Rakshabandhan festivities, let me share a few wonderful memories of my childhood days. My sister, who is almost three years younger, is completely opposite to me. In fact, we are so different both appearance & personality wise, that teachers in our school never believed we are real sisters. We get on very well as adults but as kids we fought like cat & dog over petty issues like clothes, pens or just anything under the sky. Our fights became fiercer when we grew into teenagers. Every time we had a fight, we would walk up to mom and disclose each other’s secrets. However, amidst all these fights, we never let any third person came between us; the love & warmth always existed. Today, we are grown-ups and gladly get along well like best of friends. From celebrating our little achievements to sharing our relationship problems to seeking advice on general issues, we stand by each other through thick & thin.

Now, if I have to describe the bond I share with my little brother, then it is completely opposite to what I share with my sister. He is 15 years younger and thus has always been pampered by everyone in the family including me. I don’t remember any instance when I fought with him except once when he was playing inside the room; he hit the clock with his ball and the clock fell on my head. That was the only time when I didn’t talk to him for two days at a stretch. Later, he apologized and everything became normal like before.

Both my brother & sister are really close to my heart and I can’t imagine living without them. And this post is incomplete without the mention of my crazy bunch of cousins, who are always there by my side.

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