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Despite the fact that I love my hair so much, I got them cut really short, and sadly they never grew to their original size (Looks like they want to take a revenge). Now after waiting for almost three years, I finally decided to put in some efforts and pamper my lovely hair so that they can grow healthier and shinier. Some of the hair care tips I am following religiously are mentioned below.

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Oil Massage, At least Once in a Week

During my childhood days, I used to oil my hair regularly. However, once I got into college, I stopped oiling my hair and it deteriorated their condition completely. My hair turned dry, limp, lifeless, and weak. So, the first thing in the to do list is to massage my hair properly at least once in a week. Oiling nourishes your hair and makes them soft too.

PS: I am using Kesh King oil and mix it with Vitamin E capsule for better results. Let's see if it does any wonder to my hair or not! Sigh!

Deep Conditioning, Only Once in a Week

I always had a misconception that more you do conditioning, the better your hair get. But, recently my hair dresser told me that using conditioner quite often can damage hair. So, one must do deep conditioning only once a week.

PS: I am using L'Oreal Professional Series Expert Liss Masque. My hair stylist at Lakme Salon has advised me to use this hair masque with Schwarzkopf Professional BC Hair Growth Activating Shampoo for best results. I am yet to make the purchase. You can read more about the shampoo here (Only for your reference).

Eat Balanced Diet

If you want to grow your hair long, the role of balanced diet is indispensable. Consume lots and lots of green vegetables, dairy products, and fish on a regular basis.

PS: I am a junk food addict and haven't started working on this area yet. God, please give me the strength and will power to give up on junk food and eat a balanced diet.

Protect from Dust

While living in Delhi, it is literally impossible to protect your hair and skin from dust and pollution. But, you can take small measures like covering your hair with a scarf to protect it from direct contact with dust. If you know of anything else that can help in the same then please tell me about it!

Hair Spa

Call it a fad or need of the hour but every next girl in the city is getting a hair spa done for better condition of hair. I have also started doing the same for the past two months. After getting spa at local parlor, this time I got it done at Lakme Salon. The senior hair stylist recommended me a hair treatment (NOT SPA) called Miracle and I really liked the results. Though this treatment was costlier than other ones but I really don't mind spending a little extra on my hair.

This is all what I am doing to grow my hair long and healthy. Do you have any tips to share?

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