Trying to Demystify Acne Myths

In the morning when I left from home, I saw an ambulance taking away someone’s body to the funeral ground. Don’t know why but I felt something would go wrong during the day. Gladly, my day was super good and I had amazing time with my boy!

Now, when I think about the incident again, I believe it was a result of my superstitious mind and nothing else. Today, my post is also dedicated to the myths and superstitions we tame in our minds!

Let’s get started!

Amongst people of all ages, the problem of acne is quite common and similar is the case with acne myths. Despite all the studies and facts, people believe in these myths and end up choosing wrong or ineffective treatment for acne. To ensure that our readers stay aware and updated, here below we have mentioned some of the most common acne myths.

MYTH 1 – Oily Food Causes Acne

FACT -   Scientifically, there is no connection between oily/fatty food and acne. So, if you think the pimple growing on your face is because you had finger fries last night, it’s absolutely wrong. But, this does not mean we encourage you to eat oily food and skip on fruits and vegetables.

MYTH 2- Cure Acne with Tanning

FACT – If you walk down the road on a bright sunny day thinking it would cure acne, it’s time to think again. Exposure to sun cures tanning is one of the most common acne myths and you should correct it as soon as possible. And, don’t expose your skin to sunlight as it can cause skin rashes and skin cancer in the extreme cases.

MYTH 3 – Use of Cosmetics Cause Acne

FACT - Many people believe that use of cosmetics cause acne and thus refrain from using it as well. But, this is not true completely. There might be a situation when use of a particular cosmetic product causes acne as a result of allergic reaction or clogging of pores but you can never generalize that use of cosmetic products cause acne.

MYTH 4 – Wait & Let Acne Disappear

FACT - If you still believe in this acne myth, you might belong to the stone age. Acnes can turn worse too and thus it is always better to consult a dermatologist at the earliest possible. These days, many different acne treatments are available and you can get the best one for yourself.