How Beer Makes You Bold & Beautiful

The day and weekend has almost come to end and so is the Friendship Day. In some countries including India, first Sunday of August is celebrated as Friendship Day. Happy Friendship Day Girls & Guys! I really hope you celebrated the day well. For me there was nothing exciting about the day except that it was International Beer Day. To know more about the day, visit

Coming back from all the gyaan, I thought of doing something interesting on this day using Beer Cans that have been resting in my cupboard since long. (Whenever I look at them, they scream – “Please Drink Me!” :D) Being a good girl, I didn’t drink them and thought of doing something purposeful with beer.

Wondering how a curse like beer can be purposeful? Well, it is useful and that too in many different ways. Take a look at some of the uses of beer and share your thoughts on the same.

Learn how to use beer for shiny and bouncy hair at Baronial Feminite.

·         Beer as Hair Rinse – Low levels of alcohol in beer makes it a real good thing for hair rinse. You can add a can of beer in a bucket of water and rinse hair with this mixture. The smell of beer may linger around for a few days but the results are amazing!

Use beer for glowing skin

·         Facial – I know we all hesitate while experimenting with our face but life is all about experiments. So gather all your courage and prepare Beer facial at home. Add a cup of beer, honey, avocado and vinegar. Mix all of them together and apply on face.

Bath in Beer and Revive Your Senses

·         Bath Baby Bath – Add some fun to your bathing by adding beer to your bathtub. It’s really good for the skin and you may feel rejuvenated in the end.

Do you know any other way beer can be used during beauty regimens? Share your answers, feedback or anything else you feel like saying in the comment box below.

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