5 Reasons Why Inheriting College Education from Parents Isn't a Good Idea!

It's a common sight particularly in India that parents want their children to follow their footsteps. It wouldn't come as a surprise if you hear a parent saying that his son or daughter must attend Delhi University just because they studied there. Or the father landed a high-salaried job in a leading conglomerate after attending IIT, so should their son. The list of such instances is endless but the point we are trying to make here is every time a discussion starts on "Kya Socha" about kids, parents put up their own expectations without thinking about what their son or daughter wants.

Well, it's time to make parents understand that asking children to do what they did, is equivalent to ask them to stick to a Siemens phone (that big one with antenna) in the era of smartphones.

In today's Internet era, everything from the employer's demands to opportunities are changing. A profession that wasn't popular at all during 80's-90's can be one of the highest paying ones today. The time has changed and it's not a good idea to limit the imagination and aspirations of the young souls! Don't impose your experiences on children; let them think freely and use your valuable experience to guide them to achieve what they want in life.

It is time when you should #thinkBIG and guide your children to dream big too. Do you know how thinking big can make a difference to lives of your children? Watch this inspiring video by LPU and see how small decisions with a big thinking can change your life!

#ThinkBig today and enjoy a prosperous future ahead!

Wind Energy – The Need of the Hour

In today’s time when pollution levels have crossed alarming levels and climate change has become a worldwide concern, it is imperative for nations particularly India to resort to renewable and clean energy sources like Wind Energy.

Wind Energy – Get Introduced to It!

Wind energy or wind power is a renewable power source, which is extracted from air flow with the help of wind turbines/sails for producing mechanical/electrical energy. It is considered better than non-renewable power sources because of reasons like abundant availability, wide distribution, and negligible greenhouse gas emissions during operation. All-in-all, it is a great way to generate mechanical or electrical energy without harming our Mother Nature.

Wind Power in India

Given the benefits wind energy has to offer, it is widely being used as a power source across nations. In India, the development of wind power started in the 1990s. The development in this sector significantly increased in a span of two decades and today India is known to have the fifth largest installed wind power capacity in the world. Despite this achievement, there is lot more to be done in this area. This is the reason why The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has set ambitious targets of reaching 60,000 MW capacities. However, this can be achieved only when government and bodies like Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association join their hands.

Before we can completely adopt and contribute in the development of Wind Power, it is pertinent to understand the nitty-gritty of the domain. The Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association makes it possible with the launch of Windergy India; it is a unique digital platform to create awareness about the Wind Energy sector in India.

The association wants to leverage the benefits of this digital platform to create wider public awareness on the benefits of wind energy, and the sectors efforts in India. You can know more about their initiatives and campaigns by visiting their profiles on social networking sites given below.

LPU Nurtures Young Minds through Its Annual Event Explorica

As soon as students step out of school to join college, their minds are full of apprehensions. From the fear of making new friends to choosing the right course to groom their personality, there are a lot many things that trouble the young minds while they are entering into a new phase of their lives! Considering all these trepidations and its mission to revitalize education at all levels starting with schools, Lovely Professional University (LPU) hosted a two-day mega event – Explorica.

LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal discussing with students regarding LIVE Project of Agriculture Department during Explorica at LPU

Explorica, a two-day mega event, witnessed mammoth visit of 30000 students from 250+ schools of Punjab. Isn’t that astounding? Explorica was planned in a manner to include both competitive and non-competitive events including Armed Forces Showcase, Gyan Manthan, Academic Exposition, School Students’ Projects, Literary/Fine & Performing Arts competitions.

Students from various schools visiting LPU department during Explorica

By adding a plethora of competitions, it was ensured that students with varied interests could participate and exhibit their skills and capabilities at such a large platform. Another highlight of this one of its kind event was distribution of cash prizes of worth 50,000 and 10,000 INR to Gyan Manthan’s State Topper and District toppers respectively. In addition, cash prizes were distributed to winners of other competitive events as well.

Students from various schools visiting LPU department during Explorica

One of the main objectives of the event was to guide students and enable them to make an informed career choice. Throughout the event, students freely interacted with different departments at LPU and asked questions to their heart’s content. Students who participated in Explorica got an opportunity to enjoy LPU’s international fest ‘One World’ at the same time.  All in all, students from every participating school enjoyed the event at LPU and left with a great set of learning and experiences.

Students from Afghanistan showing their respective stall during ONE WORLD event at LPU

To learn more about Explorica, visit the official website of LPU here.

Reminiscing Old Memories with Siblings on Rakshabandhan

Of all the festivals we celebrate in India, Rakshabandhan is my favourite. From buying new clothes to stalking online stores like Jabong.com for the best gifts for my siblings to receiving gifts, the festival has a charm of its own. And the excitement got doubled this year, when I celebrated Rakshabandhan twice! Actually, two of my cousins were heading back to USA around 18th while Rakshabandhan was on 29th of August. So, we decided to ditch the date and celebrate when we all were together (the perks of having crazy siblings.)

M.A.C. Cosmetics Launches Le Disko Collection

The other day when my mobile beeped, I thought of it as another promotional message and was about to delete it. But, before I could hit delete, I read M.A.C. The world stopped & the makeup lover inside me started guessing what Le Disko collection can be. Gladly, my guess was right & the all new Le Disko collection by M.A.C. is all about sparkles & glitter.

Let’s see how the brand describes its new collection:

"Le Disko, where glitter and glamour intoxicate and colour gets physical. It’s all see and be scene as the crowd converges under a sparkling aura of lights and erupts into a dazzling sea of eyes and lips. Stand out, shine on. Live a life where every night is a dance rebellion. It’s a full on colour disco, and you’re the reigning queen."

The Le Disko collection includes eye shadows, eye liners, lip glosses, & a makeup brush.

MAC Le Disko Collection India at Baronial Feminite

Livon Hair Gain Tonic for Women Launch Event

Do you remember that game in movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, where they spontaneously say one word in response to a given word? Well, that game is called Word Association; it involves an exchange of words that are associated together. If you play that game with me and say “Livon”, my spontaneous reply would be hair care. Ever since I have heard of Livon, I know it has to do something with hair care. So, when I got an invite to the product launch of a brand new product by Livon, I knew I had to be there.

Store under Spotlight - Gyan's Couture

Isn’t it annoying to hop from one shop (or website) to another in search of something good (my favourite phrase)? Wouldn’t you wish for a single place that lists information about all the best stores in the town or country or may be universe? If you just nodded your head in agreement then we have some good news for you. Baronial féminité will be starting a new series where we will talk about the best stores and their creations.

Today, the Store under Spotlight is Gyan’s Couture